Alexis Stark
Voice lessons and vocal performing
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Private Voice Lessons
Alexis teaches private voice lessons at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in downtown Battle Creek, at Trinity Episcopal Church in Marshall, and through the Gull Lake Homeschool Partnership . Whatever your goals may be:
  • ​​Preparing for an audition or competition (i.e., Solo & Ensemble)
  • Singing for a special event
  • Enhancing your participation in a choir
  • Learning music theory or harmonizing
  • Developing your personal vocal technique
  • Exploring new musical styles

"What are lessons like?"
Alexis blends the artistic with the scientific in the study of voice. Students will learn about their vocal anatomy, using their natural resonance to their best advantage, and how to focus tone for all genres!
Lessons are tailored to the student's needs and goals, and repertoire is determined between Alexis and the student.

Alexis has been teaching in Calhoun and Kalamazoo counties for almost a decade, taking on students from age 7 to 97. She works with students various styles of music including classical, pop, jazz, musical theatre, worship music, and world music. She also invites students with disabilities into her studio. Alexis has worked with students with learning disabilities, deafness, and students recovering from strokes.

In 2008, Alexis began her priviate teaching. She started with students in her home town of Albion and then auditioned for the Community Music School. She started teaching at the CMS’ Albion branch, and followed to Marshall with the merger of the two sites. Soon after that, she started teaching students in the Battle Creek branch. Since then, Alexis has maintained a studio of 15-30 students during the school year, and has taught over 200 students in Calhoun and Kalamazoo counties.

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Student Feedback

I really enjoy how Alexis combines music theory into the lessons while still keeping it fun!  She helps me choose pieces that I both enjoy singing, but that teach me something new.  She's a great instructor!
--Emma Ruedisueli

Alexis is accommodating to scheduling conflicts and supports our children's crazy schedule so they can continue expanding their exposure to music while being able to pursue other interests as well.  She has been a valued collaborator in helping round out and expand our children's lives!
--Theresa & Matt Ruedisueli

My lessons are very personal and I never feel embarrassed or shy when I'm singing and learning. I love being one on one and learning new things and techniques that I can use to sing. I'm always getting introduced to new music and ways to use my voice. I'm very happy to be a part of Alexis' teaching.
--Logen Crandall
​​I have worked with Alexis for 4+ years now. Every lesson provides some new way to grow. My singing has developed so much from the time that I started with her to the present. Alexis lets every lesson be about the student. When I come in the first thing she asks is ‘what are we working on’ and sometimes my response is a song and sometimes it is a technique I’d like to improve on. Whatever it is, that is always where the lessons starts and then as we work through we talk about how things feel and what was effective towards accomplishing the end goal and what wasn’t. This style makes me always feel accomplished at the end of a lesson, because we have worked through it together and I haven’t just been told what to do. Alexis is also very personable and truly cares what is happening in my life outside of the lesson. This makes the time together feel comfortable and the connection makes it easier to not be afraid of making a mistake in front of her. There is no better place to make a mistake than in a lesson with someone who cares about you, doesn’t judge you for who you are, and can help you to have confidence in the future.  Working with Alexis has helped me build the skill that I need to feel confident about my pursuit of a career in musical theatre. 
​--Trevor Powell

Not all that long ago, I took voice lesson from Alexis for over two years. And as an older student, by then I was retired.
She opened my eyes to a whole new world, the world of music: as she helped me explore my voice, and as she made it an experience of pure joy. Thank you, Alexis!
​--Grant Maichele